Brixton Society

Brixton Society

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The Brixton Society is the amenity group covering the whole of the Brixton area, from Stockwell to the South Circular. We aim to make Brixton a better place to live and work in, and to give local people a voice in what happens to our surroundings. We take an interest in many environmental and community issues and we have published a number of works on local history topics. 

The Society plays an active and influential part in local affairs. As well as monitoring and lobbying on many planning applications, we input on many other local issues, often in cooperation with other local groups. We are active members of the Brixton Neighbourhood Forum, the Friends of Lambeth Libraries; the Lambeth Parks Forum and the Lambeth Local History Forum. We attend the Lambeth Police/Community Consultative Group. 

The activities of the Society include regular open committee meetings which discuss local issues, responding to local and national consultations, giving guided walks around the area, and organising and attending local events at which we have a full range of our publications on display. The Society currently has two sub-committees: The Friends of Tate Library, Brixton and The Friends of Windrush Square.

The Society keeps in touch with its members via its Newsletter, which is produced 4 times a year and is delivered to members free of charge, and our website.

Members can contribute to the work of the Society in many ways according to their interests and available time. They can attend meetings, help distribute our newsletter, help staff stalls at events, input to discussions and policy-making, and contribute to the newsletter and/or the website.