London Mural Preservation Society

London Mural Preservation Society

The London Mural Preservation Society works to protect, preserve and celebrate murals in the communities where they were created.

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We will work to protect the memory of these artworks by recording the mural’s histories in collaboration with their creators and the local community so we can continue building up an archive of information. This work will be made available to the public.

We will preserve murals by supporting local communities and organisations who want their murals restored. This can happen through lobbying, consultation work with owners, developers and councils and being partners on projects.

We will celebrate these murals by hosting events within the local and wider community.which will help spread and preserve the murals’ stories.

Since 2010, the volunteer run London Mural Preservation Society has helped raise the profile of murals in the media and among the public and advising on the restoration of existing murals and the creation of new ones.

We are a fast growing organisation so we regularly find ourselves with more opportunities than we can deal with. If you are interested in becoming actively involved please come along to one of our regular public meetings or simply email us at: