Streatham Society

Streatham Society

The aim of the Streatham Society is to maintain and improve the quality of life for all who live or work In Streatham.

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Membership & Enquiries: J.Harris
125 Thornlaw Road London SE27 OSQ

Planning and History Enquiries: Graham Gower


Caring for the Community

  • providing a positive voice for the people of Streatham to government and local authorities
  • encouraging collaboration amongst other groups and organizations
  • having a voice on community organisations

Caring for Streatham’s Amenities

  • promoting sports, arts and youth facilities
  • seeking to promote, retain and improve cultural facilities

Caring for the Built Environment

  • helping to make Streatham clean and safe
  • seeking to reduce pollution
  • monitoring planning applications
  • commenting on new developments
  • recommending conservation areas

Caring for Streatham’s Heritage:

  • encouraging the study and interpretation of the past as a key to shaping the future
  • publishing articles and books on local history and the environment
  • listing and monitoring the use of buildings of historic and architectural value

Caring for the Natural Environment

  • ensuring the proper maintenance of public open spaces and supporting the local groups caring for them
  • helping to establish nature reserves
  • improving habitat for wildlife and protecting trees

Caring about Public Transport

  • seeking to improve public transport
  • seeking a better deal for pedestrians and cyclists